Thursday, October 13, 2016

Helping in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

When you hear October, what colors do you think of? Red and yellow leaves? Gray skies? Orange and black for Halloween? What about pink? Pink is used to celebrate breast cancer awareness month in October, so it has become a ubiquitous color during the fall. And besides wearing pink, if you want to do more to help, here are a few ways to fight breast cancer in October and year round.

Taking the Next Step

Breast cancer support isn’t measured in 5K increments anymore. Larger events allow you to team up, get active and support finding a cure. The Susan G. Komen 3-day event is a 60 mile walk where you and hundreds of other supporters camp at night and walk during the day to raise money to help find a cure.

Support the Supporters

A simple way to help is by supporting companies who back cancer research, like TracFone. This month TracFone is donating a portion of its sales at Dollar General to Susan G. Komen. 10% of each sale of the Alcatel Pixi Pulsar in the signature pink case will be donated, up to a $25,000 donation.
TracFone is committed to helping find a cure. Use this link to find a store so you can help as well:

Pitch In

Donating your time could make a huge difference. The best part is there are many ways to donate your time. You can become part of Road to Recovery, a group that organizes drivers to get patients to and from appointments if they’re unable to drive themselves. The Look Good, Feel Better program gives patients the beauty supplies and know-how to restore their appearance during and after chemotherapy. Many smaller organizations are run entirely with volunteers, so reach out and see how you can lend a hand. Whatever your skill set is, there’s a way you can help.

Take Care of Yourself

Another great way to take the fight to breast cancer is by working toward prevention yourself. There’s no 100% effective way to prevent it, but taking care of yourself is a great way to lower the risk. Maintaining an active lifestyle, having a balanced healthy diet and limiting your alcohol intake are great first steps to help lower your potential risk. Also remember to have regular mammogram screenings to catch any problem sooner rather than later.

Friday, June 3, 2016

School’s out!

It’s graduation season! This means grads of all ages are finishing one journey and preparing for another. Their hard work and dedication is something worth celebrating, so here are a few ways to reward the grads in your life.

The power of a potluck
A graduation party is a pretty common way to celebrate this achievement. But there’s a way to make it a bit more personal. Throw a potluck! Everyone will be able to contribute in a unique way. Plus, it allows family and friends to work together to show their appreciation.

Hit the road
Whether your grad is finishing up high school, college or any other program, they’ve probably been locked inside preparing for final projects and exams. So get them out and treat them to a road trip! Summer is chock full of fun things that are just a few hours (or less!) away. From hiking and camping to baseball games and sightseeing. It’s a great way to reward them for their hard work and have a little quality time before they take their next big step.

Stay in touch
Speaking of next big steps, make sure your grad can keep in touch with you. The LG Rebel and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with TracFone are perfect for texting, sending photos or simply catching up. Plus, with TracFone you get amazing service on one of America’s largest and most dependable networks.

What are some other grad gift ideas? Share them with us on the TracFone Facebook or Twitter pages!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother’s Day DIY

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, have you planned any special  activities to celebrate?  It’s time to reflect and appreciate all that these powerful women have done for us over the years. They’ve sacrificed, worked long hours and put others before themselves so their families could have a better life. Here are a few DIY ways to celebrate mom and everything she’s done for us.

Brunch with a Bunch of Love
Mother’s Day brunches are an age-old tradition. But who says you have to go to a restaurant to spend a little quality time? Hold the brunch at someone’s house. Enjoy a meal made with love by including some family recipes. Not to mention the fact that you will finally be able to return the favor by cooking a meal for her.

To: Mom, From: You
The days of crayon drawings in elementary school art class as Mother’s Day presents might be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make her something special yourself. Evolve those art skills and take a painting class. Or forgo buying a piece of jewelry at a store and make some yourself in a jewelry making class. Not only are these personal skills you can foster, but you can create something totally unique and personalized that mom will love.

Share Memories
Mother’s Day is a great reason to take a walk, or maybe a drive, down memory lane. Visit some of your family’s favorite spots growing up. The park where she helped you learn to ride a bike. The diner the family went after baseball games. A stroll through your old neighborhood. Not only do you have memories attached to these areas, but she might give you an interesting perspective or remind you of good times you forgot.

What are some other DIY ways you celebrate Mother’s Day? Let us know on TracFone’s Facebook or Twitter pages! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

When is a Phone More Than a Phone?

For the second year in a row, TracFone® is partnering with Dress for Success® for the Success is Calling™ program. As part of the program, TracFone will be donating  more than half a million dollars to empower women to achieve economic independence. In addition, each participant will receive a new smartphone and one year of airtime service.

But these new handsets are more than just a phone. These devices are a resource for women without access to a cell phone and limited access to a landline. They are a lifeline to greater opportunities in their professional life. The devices are something they can count on when it comes to such an important and life-changing situation. They represent their potential future.

Think about how integral a phone is to the job interview process. It’s everything. 82% of HR managers say that phone skills are key to not only landing a job, but also important in maintaining a sustainable career. We use them to text a friend to cover our shift or watch our children during the interview. We use them to look up the best driving directions to the interview. Phones are invaluable when it comes to getting your foot in the door professionally.

When you do get that opportunity, it’s important to make the most of it. 85% of hiring managers and professionals say that first impressions made via phone interviews follow the applicant through the entire interview process. So, being prepared for that phone interview is crucial. Success is Calling and TracFone provide women with the tools and opportunities needed to clear that first barrier, and the confidence to be prepared for a face-to-face interview.

In 2015, the Success is Calling program helped the majority of the 300 graduates land a job, including Simone, who realized after completing the Success is Calling program that she has full control of her career and her destiny.

ShaVaughn took a leap of faith with Success is Calling and now sees herself as an influential, courageous person.

Fredericka says Success is Calling taught her not just how to get a job, but how to keep it.

So when is a phone more than just a phone? When it’s a phone from TracFone’s Success is Calling program.

About The Success is Calling Survey
This survey was commissioned by TracFone and conducted by Survata, an independent research firm in San Francisco. Survata interviewed 1001 online respondents between March 07, 2016 and March 14, 2016. For further information, visit

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Timing is Everything

Now that 2016 has officially begun, there are probably things you know you will need to replace or upgrade this year. It could be smaller things like cookware or maybe your computer is on its last legs or you need something bigger like a new house. But did you know there are better times than others to make these purchases throughout the year? Here is a breakdown of when you should buy what...

January - March

When the winter months are hitting the hardest, it’s time to invest in some items that will come in handy during the summer months. Gas grills and air conditioners are often on sale during these months to make room for all the new stock that will be rolling in during the spring. It’s also a great time to get married. Winter tends to be a slow time for the wedding industry so you can get some great deals on both supplies and venues.

April - June

This is the best time to buy TVs and electronics because March is at the end of the fiscal year in Japan so many manufacturers are looking to move their leftover product. Perfect if you’re looking for an upgrade. Houses are also big this time of year. While prices might be a bit higher because it’s peak season, you will likely have a much wider selection, so you have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for.

July - September

The beginning of the summer is a good time to look at new furniture. There will be new stock coming in ahead of the fall moving season so stores will be looking to make room. Also if you’re looking to make a few improvements around the house, July is a great time to invest in power tools. And just in time to chase away those end-of-summer blues, you’ll see a lot of sales on computers, just in time for back-to-school.

October - December

This is the best time to get a new car. As the new models have received most of the attention during the year, last year’s models are going for much less. Also, with the holidays coming up, there are often huge sales on everything you could want for your kitchen. Finally, if you have a bit of a green thumb, it’s a great time to buy some new plants, which might be just what the doctor ordered as the gray winter months approach.

Do you have any other suggestions for the best time to make purchases, big or small? Let us know on the TracFone Facebook or Twitter pages.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Small Resolutions, Big Results

In the new year, we often find ourselves making resolutions that are big and grandiose. You want to lose 40 pounds. You want to quit smoking. But most of the time, unfortunately, these don’t pan out. So in the spirit of self-improvement, here a few small resolutions that you can make (and stick to) to help make 2016 excellent.

1. Reach out

People drift apart, even when they don’t mean to. Life happens. So make 2016 the year you get back in touch with those you don’t talk to as much. Whether it’s an old college friend or the aunt you only see during the holidays, drop them a call, text or e-mail. it will feel great to reconnect with someone important to you.

2. A novel idea

We all have that list. You know what we mean. That list of books we have been meaning to read. Well, make this the year you cross a couple of those off. We’re not asking you to read “War & Peace” (unless it’s on your list) but it’s great to just curl up with a good book on a quiet afternoon and enjoy.

3. Cooking up something good

In 2016, you can also look to expand your cooking prowess. Whether your signature dish is Cornish game hen or ramen noodles, the best part about cooking is there’s always room to improve, try new things and expand your horizons. Once you’ve perfected a few exciting recipes, invite some friends and family over to show off everything you’ve learned.

Do you have ideas for some small resolutions for 2016? Be sure to share with us on the TracFone Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: A Year in Review

Happy early New Year! As December winds to a close, we wanted to take a couple of minutes and talk about a few highlights from 2015 at TracFone.

1. Dress for Success

For the first time ever, we teamed up with women’s professional development group Dress for Success for a program called Success is Calling, helping women to nail that first important professional hurdle: the phone interview.


2015 marked the year we cranked up the speed at TracFone. This summer we saw the introduction of the Bring Your Own Phone program for 4G LTE smartphones, allowing you to bring your own compatible phone to TracFone so you could lower your bill but still have access to one of America’s largest and most dependable networks.

3. Susan G. Komen partnership

It was truly an honor to partner with one of America’s largest breast cancer charities, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, during the month of October. Working with Dollar General, we donated a portion of the sales of one of their pink handsets to the foundation as they continued the fight.

4. Smartphone Only Plans

Just when you thought the price of our monthly plans couldn’t get any more reasonable, the Smartphone Only Plans were introduced. These no-contract 90-day plans give you tons of talk, text and data starting at $35. We know a thing or two about helping you save money when it comes to your mobile phone, but it was taken to a whole other level in 2015.

5. Engaging Moments in Social Media

We had a lot of fun with you this year on social media, from GIFs to fun Trivia posts. Looking forward, we have a lot planned for 2016, so keep your eye on the TracFone blog throughout the year for the latest and greatest from TracFone! Happy New Year!