Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cell Phone Service Fees

Can how much you know about cell phone service directly impact what you pay? This is a question worth asking yourself before you get a nasty surprise on your bill. No matter what age you are, be sure to take this quiz put out by AARP. You may be shocked by what you don’t know about cell phone contracts!

The quiz is aimed at gauging how much you know about contracts based on the premise that the less you know, the more you could overpay in unused minutes, hidden fees, overage charges, and early termination fees. It is best to educate yourself on cell phone service so that you don’t end up in a bind. But for many people while more knowledge about anything involving their cell phone is a good thing, they still largely feel disappointed at all the unexpected charged and complicated terms and conditions.

A prepaid TracFone cuts out contracts and hidden fees all together. TracFones are easy to use. Your costs and miutes are easy to keep track of because minutes remaining are displayed right on your screen. You should never feel surprised by your cell phone bill or by the terms of service.


M.ray said...

Recently I gave away my reliable Tracfone with over 600 minutes and 2 years airtime, because I wanted a QWERTY keyboard, which Tracfone does NOT offer. I purchased a Net10/Samsung phone with keyboard. The price was more than any of Tracfone models, and Net10 does NOT offer the Double Minutes packages. My old phone had a lifetime "double minutes" feature. So you must realize I needed a Keyboard on my phone really bad, to sacrifice all the good things on my old Tracfone. PLEASE PLEASE when are you going to offer a phone with the Qwerty keyboard? I'm very disatisfied with my new Net10 service/limited offers. I've been reading all the comments, which most people are wanting keyboards; you all should try to please the customers. I think you'll be able to get many new customers, and a return of old customers; I know I'd be back as soon as a QWERTY phone is offered!

Postmaster said...

Hi M. If/when there are new phones to announce, we'll do so here. Thanks.