Friday, June 8, 2007

No Cell Phone Credit Checks

Having to submit to a credit check to get a cell phone contract can be a huge hassle for customers who want nothing more than the safety, convenience, and ability to communicate. For many, credit checks are an unnecessary obstacle to owning a cell phone. But credit checks are not the only down side to mobile contracts.In addition to this sometimes tedious process, having a cell phone contract linked to your credit has the possibility to negatively affect your rating.

Unlike a credit card, where there are limitations on your liability if it is lost or stolen, the same is not true for cell phone contracts. As featured in the Huntington Herald, many cell phone contracts hold you liable to pay any amount of charges that get racked up if your phone is lost or stolen. This can be a huge expense and also negatively affect your credit. Sometimes a cell phone contract can leave you exposed and unprotected from situations out of your control.

Prepaid cell phones offer a great solution. With TracFone, not only do you avoid the hassle of a credit check you also don’t have to worry about how your cell phone contract can affect your credit. TracFone doesn’t require a contract so if it is lost or stolen you are not liable for any additional charges. TracFone can take away most of the complexity involved with getting and using a cell phone.

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