Friday, June 22, 2007

Staying Safe on The Road

There are many important reasons anyone with a car should have a cell phone, but perhaps the most important is safety. Being able to call AAA when you’re stranded, 911 if there is an emergency, your insurance company, or your loved ones is essential to your safety on the road. Whether you are a heavy or light cell phone user, one should always be with you in the car.

Cell phones and car safety has been a hotly debated topic because while 74% of the Americans who own mobile phones say they have used their hand-held device in an emergency and gained valuable help, many may practice unsafe ways of actually using their phone while driving.

Your cell phone is a tool for car safety, but sometimes unsafe practices in using your cell phone can be dangerous. If you're on the highway, try to wait for a rest stop and pull over before making a call. If you're in the city, take a minute and park. Your phone should never be a reason to take your eyes off of the road. Turn the ringer to a low volume so that it does not startle you while driving, and always use a hands-free headset so that your hands can both be firmly on the wheel.

TracFone has reliable and extensive coverage, so you can call roadside assistance from almost anywhere. Following these simple guidelines can help keep you and those you care about safe.


Mary said...

Is there coverage in Anchorage and Homer alaska? The map is hard to read online.

Postmaster said...

Hi Mary; you can check by entering the local zip codes, here:

DeAnna said...

i have straight talk now.. can i use my sim card in a tracfone or net 10 phone and stay with straight talk.. or is there another company that i can use there phone and keep with straight talk.. Kinda like nextel and boost does..

Postmaster said...

Hi Deanna. Sorry, no. They are not interchangeable.