Friday, July 20, 2007

Cell Phone Penetration

Cell phones have the ability to improve people’s lives just like some other innovative technologies such as personal computers and the Internet. It seems pertinent to take a look at the state of cell phone use in the U.S. and if they are being used to their full potential.

Only 72% of people have a cell phone in the U.S. A study finds that in a staggering 30 countries around the world, over 100% of people own cell phones. For example, in the UK 110.1% and in Israel 125.9% of people have cell phones -- meaning that some have more than one that they use. So why is the U.S. so far behind these countries in cell phone penetration?

There are many answers to this question, but perhaps the most important reasons why not everyone in the U.S. has a cell phone are because of rampant monthly costs, hidden fees, and complicated contracts. It is unappealing to many customers to be locked into a one or two year contract and not be able to understand many of the charges on their bill. In many ways, telecommunications are not set up in this country to put the customer in control.

TracFone is trying to change all this and improve people’s lives by providing low cost prepaid cell phones that are easy for anyone to use. Everyone can greatly benefit by having a cell phone. They are an important communication tool for connecting with family and friends (I really think family and friends should come first) , staying safe, staying in touch with your workplace, keeping up with school, and much more. TracFone has no complicated monthly bills, contracts, hidden fees, or credit checks. You are in control of your minutes and the features you need.

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