Monday, July 9, 2007

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO/VNO) are the best kept secret in the world of mobile phones. Many people use mobile phones with service provided by a MVNO but do not know exactly what that means. People are drawn in by the low cost minutes and great coverage, but don’t know how their MVNO is able to give them such a good deal. Here we explain how it all really works.

A mobile virtual network operator is a mobile phone service provider that doesn’t own its own telecommunication infrastructure. Instead, a MVNO re-sells the network services from other telecommunications suppliers to you.

The benefits of mobile phone service provided by a MVNO to you is multiple. Because a MVNO re-sells the network serives of other suppliers, they are able to offer you cheaper minutes and unparalled coverage so your mobile phone can work even in very remote areas. With a traditional mobile service provider, your call can be dropped if there is no cellular tower they own nearby. A mobile phone with service provided by a MVNO will get coninuous service because it can use any cellular tower available owned by any provider.

TracFone is a MVNO and the market leader. This means TracFone not only offers amazingly low minute rates but also has the largest digital coverage area in the U.S.

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