Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Travel Cell Phones

Taking a cell phone with you on your travels is extremely important today. The summer travel season is upon us, and that means mounting travel woes such as longer lines at airports, more traffic on the roads, and stricter passport regulations. Being able to communicate with the office, loved ones, or even roadside assistance can mean a better all around trip in the face of increasing travel headaches.

Taking full advantage of the benefits of being able to communicate from anywhere you travel not only means getting the most minutes for your money but also getting great service in the places you go. Many travelers find that because their cell phone contracts lock them into one service, their calls can be dropped if their provider doesn’t have a cellular tower nearby. Many contracts also dictate when you can use your minutes with peak and off-peak charges, and outrageous charges for running over your allotted minutes.

Whether you are traveling on business of for pleasure, TracFone is a great solution to make communicating easy. TracFone has the largest digital coverage area in the U.S. because it gets its signal from the nearest cellular tower regardless of what network that tower belongs to. This means you will get service in locations other carriers won’t. TracFone is prepaid so you get a low rate for your minutes and never get charged for running over. A TracFone is great for taking along on just a few trips or all of them; you can control your expenses and use it when and how you need it.


James said...

Does this mean I can take my tracfone to Canada and use it there to call friends and family in the US or Canada?

Postmaster said...

No, James. TracFones don't work in Canada but you can set up a Canadian number to call your TracFone in the US toll-free. Info here: http://tinyurl.com/2a6tbke