Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to School

As the end of summer approaches, back to school preparations are in full swing. Along with books and backpacks, communication is a big concern. Cell phones are one of the best ways to ensure that kids can reach their parents. Instilling good cell phone practice in your child can help them use their phone to stay safe. Teach them how to keep their cell phone battery charged, program important phone numbers into their phone, and when to dial 911.

A prepaid cell phone is a particularly good way to stay connected because you can control the cost and minutes. The Family Value Plan from TracFone is a great way to get your family connected at a low price. Multiple cell phones can be hard to keep track of and budget, especially when each person in a household uses them differently. A prepaid value plan can help keep track of your whole family's minutes and spending. Minutes remaining are clearly displayed on the screen so you and your children always know how much time is left.

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