Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ICE Contact

Having a cell phone with you at all times is only the beginning of how it can help you stay safe. Your cell phone can be used not only by you, but those around you and the paramedics in case of an emergency. Good safety practice means setting up your phone so others can help you if you are in need.

An In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact is the person you would want someone to call for you if you were unable to call them yourself because of an emergency situation. This person can be a parent, guardian, relative, friend, coworker, or loved one. Program their number into your cell phone as you would with any normal contact, but put "ICE" and their relation to you where the name would normally be entered. If someone finds your phone, or if the paramedics need to contact someone for you, they can scroll through to find ICE and be sure that they are calling the right person. You can also alert people to the fact that you have ICE contacts programmed into your cell phone by placing a sticker on your handset notifying them of that fact.

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