Thursday, August 16, 2007

No surprise cell phone costs

Your phone should be convenient and cost-effective. Yet too often mobile contracts charge extra for popular features, ratcheting up a seemingly reasonable $35 monthly bill that comes out to actually cost around $60 or more. In fact, you don't even know what your bill will be like until it comes in the mail. It could be $3,000 or even show up in a box instead of an envelope. Talk about an unwelcome surprise! Being charged extra for the features you use most while unforeseen charges continue to pile on can make anyone frustrated with their cell phone plan.

There really is no way to shake those confusing extra charges that come with cell phone contracts without sacrificing the features you love. The problem seems to lie in the contract itself. Saving money on your monthly bill may mean having to take measures like only calling during some pre-designated time or cutting down on text messaging. That is no way to live or communicate.

Banish the nightmares associated with contracts by taking back control over your cell phone. With a prepaid TracFone, you can use all of your favorite features without needing to worry about hidden costs on a monthly bill. TracFone always displays the number of minutes you have left clearly on the screen, so there is no guessing or surprise charges at the end of the month. Prepaid gives you the freedom to buy time as you go, allowing you to control your costs upfront.

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