Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Right to Communicate

The right to communicate is one of the most fundamental, and you should not be prevented from doing so due to financial issues, such as being a student with no credit or having a low credit score. On top of being complicated and confusing, many different factors affect a person's credit and not all of them are easy to understand. In fact, some can even be downright unfair.

Credit scores can suffer even because of seemingly innocent activities such as switching credit cards or making a single late payment. Some people, like those on a budget who want to avoid debt, don't have any credit and are penalized for that if a credit check is required. As mentioned in our previous post, signing up for a cell phone contract links it to your credit and that can negatively affect your rating if your phone is lost or stolen.

Why should that affect your ability to communicate? While cell phone contracts require a credit check, TracFone believes that personal credit is a private matter. There are no credit checks with a prepaid TracFone, so activation is easy. TracFone puts you in charge and knows your right to communicate should not be compromised.

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willys said...

All credit scores and credit reporting companies should fo the way of the dinosaur. I boycott all businesses that require a person's credit score, much less a high score. These scores do not reflect the persons ability to pay and in many cases are fraudently unfair. They only serve to make the three credit reporting agencies more wealthy from others misfortunes.