Friday, September 28, 2007

Cell Phones Save Lives

Campus safety and how to improve it has been on many people's minds since the severe lack of prompt communication about the shooting on school grounds during the Virginia Tech crisis. Students have not been notified quickly enough in the past, but the recent incident at St. John's University in New York City has proven that cell phones can save lives.

This week, the university sent out text messages to all 20,000 students within eight minutes of when student Omesh Hiraman was spotted on campus while carrying a loaded rifle. Campus security apprehended him shortly thereafter, and students were kept out of harm's way because they were notified wherever they were via text message.

Students, like anyone else, need cell phones to be alerted quickly of potential dangers. TracFone is an affordable way to make sure your child or loved one is safe at college. With prepaid minute and text message bundles, you can choose how much you need. Dialing 911 emergency services is always free on your TracFone, so your mobile phone can still help keep you safe even if you run out of minutes. Just buy the minutes you need and keep the phone active every 90 days, and maybe one day your cell phone will help save your life.

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