Friday, September 21, 2007

Download Ringtones

Ever feel like you want to spruce up and personalize your cell phone? Downloading ringtones to your cell phone can make all the difference. Hearing something new when your phone rings is fun, and can ensure that your phone sounds unique.

With TracFone, you can download ringtones to your prepaid cell phone quickly and easily. Either go online or simply download them through the TracFone Wireless Mobile Web (WAP) browser on your phone. Use the data service on your Motorola W370, LG CG225, Motorola C261, or Motorola V176 to connect for new ringtones. TracFone gives you the choice to pay for your new ringtones using a credit card or through a direct deduction of minutes from your prepaid card. Going online to download your ringtones has the added benefit of previewing your selections and providing both payment options, connecting through your phone allows you to pay only with minutes. Find something new and different for your cell phone.