Thursday, September 13, 2007

International Calling Plans

It is easy to get fed up with international calling rates. Calling your friends and loved ones abroad, and having them call you, can be expensive. But what if you could eliminate international calling fees altogether?

As we mentioned in our previous post, with TracFone's International Long Distance service, the calls you make to those abroad cost the same as any regular call. On top of that, now your family and friends living in Mexico or Canada can call your TracFone without paying for an international long distance call. TracFone's International Neighbors service allows you to obtain three Mexican or Canadian local phone numbers for free and you will receive calls to those numbers directly to your TracFone in the U.S. This means callers form Mexico and Canada only pay for a local call even though they are calling from abroad. You only pay for a regular call. It's the end of international calling rates, going prepaid means knowing your costs and minutes upfront so no more surprises.


Kathleen said...

I have a tracfone can i use my phone to call my nephew in the military in afganastan. What do i need to do. Thank You

Postmaster said...

Sorry, Kathleen. Afghanistan is not among TracFone's international destinations.

The list is here: