Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mobile Minutes

It is no secret that when you have a mobile contract, you will be charged if you go over your minutes. So why is it so difficult to find out when you go over your allotted minutes?

When you have a mobile contract, you can either call a number to find out your minute usage or check online. But why should it be up to you to check? It's like opening a tab at a bar where you have no idea how much the bill adds up to until after you're done. You're not going to stop everything you're doing and ask the bartender after every drink. Sure you can go online, or call some number, but your minute usage is never on the top of your mind. They want to keep it a secret so they can overcharge you.

With a prepaid TracFone, your minutes are always clearly displayed on the screen so you don't have to ask anyone and you'll never miss a beat. You can't be charged for going over your minutes, because with your prepaid phone card you pay for your minutes upfront. No more unexpected charges on your monthly bill, and no more worrying about your mobile minutes.

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