Monday, September 10, 2007

No Roaming

When it comes to cell phone contracts, there are several hidden fees to look out for like roaming charges. Roaming occurs when your phone can't get service from your provider, for various reasons like being away from your home calling area, so it jumps to another network so your call doesn't get dropped. This results in extra charges on your monthly cell phone bill for using another service.

Although it can be convenient to have less dropped calls because of roaming, with contracts you can be surprised when your bill comes and charges appear that you did not know about. To avoid being surprised by roaming charges on your monthly bill, go prepaid. With a prepaid TracFone there are no roaming fees because you’ve already paid for your talking time. If your TracFone is roaming, an indicator light on your handset may display the word "Roam" or "RM" on the screen while the phone is not in use, so you always know the status of your phone. Your remaining minutes are also clearly displayed on your screen so you can stay connected. You can talk anytime on a network with the largest digital coverage area in the US.

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Tel864 said...

That's not what I was told by more than one TracFone support person. I was told twice today that once I leave my local zip code higher charges would apply.