Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Waitingonmyua2 said...

I've been a loyal TracFone customer nearly since its conception. My whole family has TracFones. However, I have become increasingly frustrated with this company.

I purchased a new phone for my husband to upgrade with a new Samsung slider phone from his old Motorola which doesn't get very good reception and never has. I tried to switch the phones online and cannot. I keep getting a message that the phone number for the current phone is an "incorrect number." It's not. The number has service and is on our Family Plan.

I've tried calling TracFone for a week now and cannot get through. Sure demand must be higher due to the holidays, but you'd think they'd be a bit more prepared than to have it be that you can't get through AT ALL for over a week!

So, I tried emailing. All I got was a pat answer to use the online system to transfer the phone. This when I explained VERY CLEARLY in my email that I could not use the online system to transfer it b/c it kept saying the number was incorrect (I even used THEIR check box and checked the active phone from which we wanted to transfer). So, I emailed them back telling them they didn't even READ my first email and explained the situation again.

I haven't heard a peep from the since except for the automatic response that they got the email.

And I STILL can't get through on their customer service line.

The following prepaid service providers are also available in my area: AT&T, Verizon, Net10, Virgin and T-Moble.

Has TracFone decided they want to get rid of long time customers? I'm sure one of the above would love to have our business.

TRACFONE said...

Sorry to hear about your problems.

Of course we care about our customers!

If you haven't been able to resolve them through normal customer service, please send e-mail to SuperCSR Elston: ELombillo@tracfone.com for assistance.

8825 said...

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