Friday, February 12, 2010

TracFone Airtime deals

Buy 400 Minutes of Airtime and 365 days of Service.
Use Promo Code 88847 and get an additional 200 Minutes!


Buy 120, 200 or 450 Minutes of Airtime.
Use Promo Code 68010 and get an additional 30 Minutes!

Hurry! Expire 2/28/10.

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Kristen said...

I purchased a double minutes card with 800 min. and 1 year of service a while back, and it did double the first airtime card I added, but it hasn't since. Why isn't it doubling? I did use a promo code that came in this text message:

"buy a 1Yr Double MINS Card & get 1 free min 4 every min u add +200 Bonus min w/ promo code *****"

Does that have something to do with it? I don't want to have to purchase the double min. again. Could you please help get my double minutes working?

TRACFONE said...


if this hasn't been resolved, please contact customer service. Thanks!

Roger said...

I purchased 200 airtime minutes to place on a newly activated tracphone. When I pulled the gray strip off the pin number several of the digits got obliterated. I can red 11 or 12 of the 15 digit pin number. How can I can assistance? I am keeping the card which has a card number on it. Thanks,

Postmaster said...

Hi Roger. Customer Service will assist you: 800-867-7183. Thanks.

Victoria said...

I read that tracfone is coming out with a full keyboard phone. Could you tell me when this phone is going to be in stores?

Postmaster said...

Hi Victoria. Not sure what you read but if/when there's anything to announce, we'll do so here. Thanks.