Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why pay more?

TracFone is the least expense way to own a cell phone in America.

So why would you pay more for a phone that you rarely use? And why would you sign a contract to use it?

You can purchase your TracFone for as little as $10 and pay $20 every three months to keep it active.

  • Getting surprised by cell phone bills with charges you don't understand;
  • Being locked into two-year contracts with $175 cancellation fees,
  • Having to pay overage charges as high as 45¢ per minute.
Find out more about the smart way to own and use a cell phone.

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PatrickO said...

Why doesn't Tracfone offer a keypad phone, like you have with your Net10 service?

cali said...

I love tracfone and it's prices but, are you guys ever gonna get a phone with either a touch screen or slider qwerty keyboard? I have tracfone now and absolutely love it but I wanna update my phone. Will you guys get a phone like that or can I buy one and use it as a tracfone?

TRACFONE said...


TracFone service works exclusively with TracFone phones.

We appreciate your suggestions. When new phones become available, we'll provide that information here.

Thanks for your suggestion!

TRACFONE said...

Patrick: Thanks for the suggestion. We'll keep you posted here on this site if/when new phones are offered.

theo said...

It's true tracfone is the least expense way to own a cell phone. Been with them for almost a year now and I love it. Saving alot alot of money too! Had att and sprint and they killed me!!!! TracFone is the way to go!!!!

Jeff said...
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Jenie said...

Well I have a tracfone now, love it, etc. but it wont let me call anyone but 911 now cuz i wanted to change my passwors for SIM card or whatever it is...and it totally broke it. i have loved it though, and am planning to get another one soon, but before i spend my money, i want to see all of the new ones that will soon come out. i want a touchscreen one or one with a keyboard real you have any like that???? i just dont want to waste my money right before one that is more advanced comes out. hope that you will get more advanced phones in the next couple of weeks, because i cant go all that long with out a phone, i just cant. so, if you could possibly put more advanced phones up, we would all greatly appreciate it. thanks!

from jenies daughter bailey.

Juni said...

We love Tracfone but definitely want one with a qwerty keyboard!! That could push me over to another company for my phone, although my kids will still have tracfone.

Is there an ETA on qwerty phone availability?

Postmaster said...

Hi Juni" Thanks! If/when there are ever any new phones or services to announce, we'll do so here.

Sandee said...

I want to get my hubby a more updated phone for Christmas - sure hope Tracfone gets some newer items SOON.