Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New TracFone LG 420G

Grab this new compact flip phone with Bluetooth® , camera and more.

All the great features you want in an easy-to-use, low-cost lightweight phone:
  • LCD Color Display
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • VGA Camera
  • Mobile Web Access
  • Text and Picture Messaging
  • Downloadable Ringtones and Graphics using Airtime Minutes
  • Hands-Free Speaker
  • External Caller ID
  • Voice Mail, Free Call Waiting, Caller ID*
  • Voice Recorder
  • Auto Redial
  • Vibration Alert
  • Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3/T3
  • 64 Polyphonic Ringtones
  • Alarm Clock
  • Flashlight
  • Lightweight - 2.87 ounces
  • Battery life with up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 23 days of standby time*
  • Charger and Services Guide included
  • TracFone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you've used and how much is left, so you control your costs
  • Includes up to 20 minutes of starter airtime upon activation**
*All talk and standby time are quoted in Digital Mode and are approximate

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Carol said...

My sister gave me her TracFone to use. She is in NY and has a 516 area phone number attached to it. I am in NJ and live in a 732 area. Can I get this number changed or do I have to buy a new phone? Thanks.

Also, if you do not use your minutes in the allotted time, are they carried over?

If I go over my allotted minutes, how much is the charge per minute?

If I go on value plan - $9.99 a month, what would the monthly bill total be with the included taxes, etc? And as asked above, if I do not use all my minutes in that month's time - do they carry over?

What does the following mean: : "First of all, it's the least expensive way to own a cell phone in America. You can buy a TracFone for as little as $10 and pay as little as $20 every three months ($80 a year) to keep it active" Does this mean if I buy the phone - the $10 is the price for the value plan phone? And where does the $20 every three months come in? How does that work? Do you automatically put that on my phone, or do I have to buy that? Not clear.

Firstand said...

Hello. I've had my Tracfone for five years (it's a Nokia 1100) and have never had the slightest problem with it. However, this past Sunday evening, I missed a call and when I went to check my voicemail, instead of being directly connected to my mailbox, as usual, I was asked to enter a "passcode."

It is possible that I created a passcode when I got the phone five years ago, but I have NEVER had to enter a passcode to access my messages. I have always accessed my mailbox merely by pressing the number 1 on my phone.

I spent almost an hour on the phone trying to communicate with someone in customer service who seemed not to understand English very well. Ultimately, they told me that they would reset my voicemail, and that I should try to access my voicemail in four hours.

Now, when I press 1, instead of taking me to my mailbox, I get a message welcoming me to "the AT&T voicemail network" and asking me to enter my mailbox number. Of course, I have no idea what my mailbox number is!

I have no idea what to do, and the process of trying to find answers has been VERY frustrating. Has Tracfone changed their voicemail network recently? Thanks. -- Nathan

TRACFONE said...


You'll need to call Customer Service to get your number changed: 1-800-867-7183.

Yes; Your Minutes do carry over when you add Days of Service and Minutes.

If you go over your Minutes, you will need to add more. There are no overages.

Not sure what you final cost would be for the Value Plan; depends on your state and local taxes.

You can buy a purchase a phone for as little as $9.99 and buy a card with 60 Minutes and 90 Days of Service for $19.99, which comes to less than $80 a year.

Hope that's all clear!

carolk said...

i just bought a tracfone but have not activated it yet. i would like to use the same cell number i have been using with my verizon cell. i assume that i cannot use that number until i deactivate that account but i wonder if i can use that number for my tracfone once it is deactivated from verizon. will tracfone let me do this?

Linda said...

Carol - there are instructions for transferring your old Verizon number to Tracfone on their website.

(I found it under Service & Support, switch number to Tracfone)
There are lots of FAQs to help.
Enter your zip code, then you'll see the terms you have to agree to.

Nathan said...

the phone powers down and won't turn on unless I pull and put back in the battery. Is there a way around or to fix this?

Megan said...

I have the same phone and the battery holds a pretty good charge. Why don't you call their Customer Service - perhaps they'll send you a new one. How long have you had the phone?

Diana said...

Hi, I've been using Tracfone since 2005. I really like it.

Recently, my outgoing message for my voice mail has disappeared. I can no longer call myself and press * to access my voice mail or to check my messages.

When people call my Tracfone cell number, a generic robot says, "Your call has been forwarded to an automated messaging system. . . ." and so forth. However, there is no outgoing announcement from me, as there used to be.

Also, now I can't check my messages that callers leave for me. What is up?

Postmaster said...

Hi Diana: Sorry. Please call Customer Service 800-867-7183 or post your issue on the TracFone Support Forum: http://www.tracfoneforum.com. Hope that helps!

Tracey said...

I have this tracfone and am very happy and content. What I really like is that I am not tied up to any contract an longer and now I am in control of the amount of money that I spend every month on my phone. Tracfone has offerec me good recption and service as well - a very pleased customer

Bev said...

I need to know if when you buy a new cell phone if you can transfer your phone number and minutes to the new phone.


Postmaster said...

Yes, Bev. Absolutely. You can do so online or by calling Customer Service: 800-867-7183. Thanks.

engineer said...

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Rob said...

12/22/2010 I just paired my Tracfone's LG 420g with my Nissan Cube's hands free BlueTooth system (2010 cube SL / SLP), and the car can and does utilize the LG 420g's phone book! (My old Motorola W376g did not work). So now I can use the car's voice activated interface and say "call... name" to call a name listed in my LG420g's phone book. I did nothing special to make this work, just turned on the phone's bluetooth and did a simple pairing with the car. I have only done a few test calls, but so far it works great.