Monday, June 28, 2010

LG420G Bundle

The LG420G is a really nice phone. Compact, easy to use and reliable. Please take a look here.

Get it with Double Minutes For Life for an incredible $19.99 while supplies last!

Click here to purchase!


Barbara Sanderson said...

Hi, I am waiting for you to make new trac fone with qwerty keyboard. You see, deaf people do use your service but it is hard to text message using your phones so one with keyboard would be awesome. Thank you! Barbara Sanderson

Postmaster said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Barbara!

Julia said...

I'd love if you could get a phone with a full qwerty keyboard sometime soon because they are so much more stylish and easy to use!

Stella said...

Hi barabara ae you deaf? I work with deaf individuals and was surprised to see your comment:-)