Monday, March 28, 2011


It's not a mystery: You will save with TracFone.

Here's why.

There's no contract. Never.

The other phone companies like contracts because they can make more money when they have their customers locked in and tied up. They can slip in all sorts of extra charges, for example, and other nickles and dimes that add up...

Not TracFone. No contract means that you buy Minutes and Airtime when you need to.

No contract also means no forced purchases or surprise fees or other hidden charges. You're in control.

It's that simple.

You'll save with Tracfone.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you have a phone with a contract, who's in control?

Unfortunately, it's not you. Sorry.

Every month, you get a bill. If you take the time to scrutinize it, you'll find charges that make no sense and are confusing. Incomprehensible.

Plus, there are fees for things like "roaming." And overages. Extra services. Mysterious stuff!

It's not a pretty picture.

Why put up with it?

Dump your contract. You'll save when you switch to TracFone. Never a contract. Never a bill.

You're in control. Finally.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Some people don't want a cell phone...

But they NEED one.

Family wants to stay in touch. Boss has to be able to reach you 24/7. Friends want to talk... wherever you are and whenever they feel like it.

Not a problem!

You can buy a TracFone for under $20 and keep it active for less than $7 a month (with a 60 Minute-90 Days of Service card for $19.99).

You don't want to talk much? Fine. But if you do, simply purchase more Airtime from a retailer, from your phone or online.

You've got a cell phone, you're saving money and you're in control.


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Friday, March 11, 2011

No Contract + No Bills = FREEDOM

The notion that you have to sign a contract to use a cell phone is an odd one, yet many of us never give it a second thought.

But if you stop to think about it, why would you sign a contract?

Who benefits?

Not the customer.

You may think that you're getting a "free" phone, but over the course of your two-year(!) contract, you're paying much more than the cost of the phone.

And you're probably paying for minutes you never use, too. Then there's all sorts of other hidden charges and fees....

Some bargain.

With TracFone, you choose your phone, activate it, buy Airtime and you're set.

Never a contract and never a bill.

Talk and text and add Airtime when you want to.


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If you need a phone but don't talk a lot...

TracFone is your best choice.


You're in control. You're not locked into a contract. You won't have to pay for calls you never make with monthly "minimum charges" plus extra fees.

You buy a phone, activate it and add Airtime. For as little as $20 you get 60 Days of Service. You can make and receive calls and if you need more Airtime, you simply buy more... directly from you phone, online or from thousands of retailers all over the country.

You'll never get a bill in the mail with all kinds of scary "surprises."

It's easy to save money with TracFone!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Save with Double Minutes For Life

You may have heard about TracFone and how it's the least expensive way to own a cell phone. True!

In addition, many TracFones include the Double Minutes For Life feature, which doubles each purchased minute that you add to your phone. In other words, you pay for 300 miniutes (for example) and receive 600 minutes. Buy one, get one free!

If you don't have a TracFone with DMFL, you can easily buy a DMFL card here and start saving.

If you don't have a TracFone at all, you can take a look at the current offers here and make sure you chose a phone with Double Minutes For Life.

It's easy to save with Double Minutes For Life!

Friday, March 4, 2011

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