Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shop Early!

Reminder: Father's Day is exactly one month from today. Don't wait until the last minute to shop for your Father, Husband, Grandfather, Uncle or other significant male in your life.

You can get a very nice QWERTY or Touch Screen TracFone for him.

He'll appreciate the slim, sleek design and technology.

He'll also appreciate the fact that he doesn't have to sign a contract and will never get a bill.

Shop early!

Click here to get TracFone


Jen said...

This is exactly what I have in mind for my dad for fathers day-a Tracfone. I like the fact that he won't get a bill, and that he can purchase small amounts of minutes. The tough part for me, is deciding on the phone. I really like the look of the new touch screen, but am worried it may ultimately be too complex for him. The SVC, on the other hand, is made for simplicity for older people who are not accustomed to cellphones, and has the added benefit of large text. Both come down to the same pricing structure, with low monthly costs. So how easy will it be for him to grasp the workings of the touchscreen(which i find far more attractive), or do I just go for the SVC which is designed with seniors in mind?

Postmaster said...

Depends on your father, Jen. The touch screen isn't difficult at all, but if he prefers a simpler device, then SVC might be a better fit. Hope that helps!