Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TracFone’s New 90-Day Talk, Text & Data Plan is Here

TracFone Wireless offers the easiest way to own, use, and enjoy an Android smartphone. with our 90-day talk, text & data plan, having an Android smartphone just got even better. For $19.99, you’ll get 90 days of talk, text and data (average cost of $7/month) so you can save more while still getting the same great service and features from TracFone. 

You still get to enjoy 99.6% nationwide coverage from America’s largest and most dependable networks. The plan comes standard with Carryover, so you get to keep your unused minutes, texts, and data as long as you have active service. That means you only pay for the minutes you use.

The best part of the 90-day plan is that you get 3x the talk, text, and data with your TracFone Android device. That means when you purchase a 60 minute airtime card, you get 180 minutes of talk, 180 texts, and 180 MB of data. At $19.99, that’s a whole lot of plan for a little price.

And you can add on data if you need it, with data only options starting at $10.

For more information on the 90-day talk, text & data smartphone plan, click here.

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