Monday, July 28, 2014

How Much Data Do You Need?

With TracFone data cards you can amp up your data to get the web access you need. Data can be added in blocks of 300 MB, 750 MB, and 2 GB, but how do you know how much data is right for you?

Really, your data needs all depend on which functions of your phone you use most. For example, sending an email only uses about 75 kilobytes, while a streaming an hour of Pandora uses 29 MB.

Small data cards are perfect if you mainly want to surf the web or send email. With 300 MB you could look at 246 web pages or send around 4,096 emails. But a small data card becomes a problem if you want to stream anything.

On the high end, 2 GB is overkill if you’re only sending email (you could send 27,962 emails before running out of data) but it’s perfect for other services. With 2 GB you could use Google Maps for 57 hours or stream music for 70 hours.

TracFone data can be added at any time (as long as your service is active) and offers Carryover so you can use all the data you pay for. To shop for plans go to:

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