Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do Everything For Less: Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung! The flowers are starting to bloom, birds are chirping their beautiful melodies and the house needs a good scrub-down. Oh spring cleaning. Nobody likes doing it, but it’s just something that needs to get done. Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick list to ease the pain and help you do spring cleaning for less!

Call in for Back-up
Family and friends make everything better, including spring cleaning! So before you put on a pair of yellow-latex gloves, send out a text message to your family and friends and see if they’ll swing by to lend a helping hand. The more support you get, the less time it will take to scrub down the house. Just don’t be surprised when they ask you to return the favor.

Make a Spring Cleaning Playlist
Once you’ve got your cleaning team in place, set up a 'Spring Cleaning Playlist' full of your favorite, groove-able tunes. You can blast the mp3s on your TracFone Android™ Smartphone and keep team morale high until the job gets done. Plus, with the music going, it will look a little less weird when you are dancing with the vacuum.

Use Old T-Shirts as Cleaning Rags
Spring cleaning is often a big undertaking that requires a lot of wiping, mopping and scrubbing. But instead of buying fancy dish towels that are just going to get ruined doing the job, simply cut up some old t-shirts and wipe-away. Let’s face it, that tuxedo t-shirt needed to be tossed anyway, so you might as well get some use out of it and save money in the process.

Use an Old Toothbrush
Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months, we recommend holding on to them so you can easily clean those hard to reach nooks and crannies. As the old saying goes, “if it’s good enough to clean your mouth, it’s good enough to clean your house.” Old toothbrushes are great for scrubbing out the grime from in between bathroom tiles and from behind the kitchen sink. You’ll feel relieved after you finally remove that hard-to-reach filth, and, since you’ll save some money by not having to buy new cleaning supplies, your toothbrush just found a new way to keep that bright smile going!

Take Before-and-After Pictures
Although it’s a pain to scrub down and organize the entire house, nothing beats the feeling of having a clean, comfortable home. The best way to document your progress is to snap some quick before-and-after photos on your TracFone Android Smartphone. You’ll be able to see the fruits of your hard work and you can upload the photos to your social networks and show off the results to your family and friends. Hey, they might even ask you to swing by their houses to help them tidy up!

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