Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TracFone Tips: Smartphone Fashion

With spring in full swing, it’s officially time to put away your winter wardrobe and update your attire for the blossoming season.  Bright colors, lively patterns, and dynamic accessories define the latest fashion trends, but these refreshing styles shouldn’t be limited to your clothing. That’s why we’ve made a quick and handy guide to help you accessorize your favorite accessory and bring the finest smartphone fashions to your TracFone device.

The Case For The Case
Without a doubt, the most important addition to your smartphone is the case. Not only does a case protect your device from accidents and mishaps, it also gives it personality and defines your smartphone as YOUR smartphone. This season, patterns are all the rage, so find a design that catches your eye and personalize your TracFone device. Here are some fashionable patterns to inspire you:
Accessorize Your Accessory
Accessories are the perfect way to polish your ensemble and ensure your outfit is outstanding. The same is true for smartphone accessories. Adding a tassel, lanyard or charms will add that eye-catching excitement to your device.  Best of all, you can mix and match these trinkets to create a different look and feel for your phone.Feel free to mix and match a few of the following:

Smartphone Form and Function
Your TracFone device has about a thousand and one uses, so deciding how you wear it can define it's function and your look. For instance, if you’re going for a run and want to look sporty, place your smartphone in an athletic armband and use your favorite tunes to keep you motivated. Or, if you’re aiming to show your professional side, store your device in a belt clip and show the world you mean business.

No matter what smartphone fashions you choose, just make sure they fit with your personal style. And to find the phone that fits your personal needs, head to and discover the perfect device at the perfect price. 

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