Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Do Everything for Less: Back-to-School Shopping

Summer is almost over, so it’s just about time to pack up the kids’ pool toys and get them ready to hit the books. With every new school year comes a new school supply shopping list, which seems to get longer each year. To help you Do Everything For Less®, we’re sharing our favorite back-to-school shopping tips so you can keep your wallet stuffed as you work to stuff those backpacks!

Shop At Home First
When starting the back-to-school process, take a look around the house to see if you can start checking items off your list before you even head to the store. You’d be amazed at how many school supplies you already own. Using last year’s scissors, rulers, folders, pencil cases and more will instantly lighten the load, allowing you to spend less and save more.

Compare Prices
After you’ve created a stockpile from your home supplies, be sure to check and compare prices from your local stores. You can easily find the latest offers in your local newspaper and determine who has the best deals around. Or, you can use your TracFone Android™ smartphone to download and use one of many free price comparison apps on Google Play (hyperlink to Just like your kids learn in school, “knowledge is power,” and knowing the best deals will give you the power to save!

Shop at Multiple Stores
Certain stores may have better deals for certain items. Your local department store may have great deals on pens and pencils, while your local discount store has amazing sales on notebooks and paper. Why not take advantage of both? Shopping at multiple stores allows you to get the best offer around, always. And all of these savings will add up—it’s simple grade school math.

Save Money with TracFone
With a new school year comes new bus routes, new play-date friends, and new afterschool activities. It can be tough to keep track of it all, but fortunately, TracFone is here to help with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle edition of the LG Sunrise Android™ smartphone. Now avalaible for $29.99 at Target.

This kid-friendly smartphone provides parents with peace of mind and has the fun features kids want. Not only will you be able to stay connected with your child through TracFone’s dependable nationwide coverage, but this incredible device comes with one FREE year of the NQ Family Guardian app. This award-winning app allows parents to monitor their child’s cellphone usage, set up web and app filters, and even set up time limitations. That way you can make sure your precious one stays on the Honor Roll by preventing them from playing with their phone during class.

Speaking of playing, the TMNT edition LG Sunrise Android™ smartphone comes with exclusive access to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode and games. All of which should only be played after homework is finished of course…

Be patient
Our final tip is to be patient when school supplies shopping. Remember, it’s a school year, not a school day. You don’t have to have every item purchased when the first bell rings. Feel free to hold off on buying items such as clothes until later in the year when the sales are even bigger. Holding off on these purchases will help you save in the long run and will show your smart student that you're a smart shopper!

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