Monday, September 28, 2015

TracFone Tips: Decorate your Phone Case

We’ve already made the ‘Case for the Case’ in our Summer Phone Fashion Tipsbut if you’re ready to change your device’s look, then look no further. We’ve got some simple tricks you can use to switch your smartphone’s style. And in #DoEverythingForLess fashion, these tips make use of small items you can find in your home and with the case that’s already covering your phone.

1. Nail Polish 

With bright tones and glittery options, nail polish is a great way to freshen up your phone case and give it some pizzazz.

2. Markers 

Markers are the perfect way to quickly color your case and produce some precise patterns.

3. Tape 

Decorate your case with pre-patterned tape to create a look that is completely your own.

Have you decorated your phone case? Share pictures of your personally crafted case on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

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