Monday, October 26, 2015

Do Halloween for Less

The leaves are beginning to change and the air is getting brisk. That can only mean one thing: Halloween is right around the corner. But between the sweet treats and costumes, this holiday can get expensive.

In the interest of wanting to help you #DoEverythingForLess, TracFone has a few suggestions of how you can celebrate Halloween that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But feel free to have a few of those lying around on October 31st.

1.  Make your decorations at home

There are some simple ways to transform typical household items into spooky, fun decorations. Store-bought decorations are typically expensive, so why spend all that money when the decorations might only be up for a couple weeks. Plus, it could be a fun weekend project for you and your family and friends. For example, you could cut open an empty milk jug, draw a scary face on it and place a light inside to brighten up this eerie holiday.

2.  Handmade Halloween costumes

Buying a readymade costume from a store can be scary for your wallet. But making something yourself allows you to be creative and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when it’s done. Thrift stores are great places to get the main pieces of your costumes. And don’t be afraid of some simple sewing as well. It just needs to make it through the night. Use your imagination!

3.  A spooktacular party

Just because you want to save a little money doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great Halloween celebration. Have a spooktacular party using easy-to-make homemade costumes, decorations and games! Of course, you should show off all your homemade Halloween decorations.

You can also play some classic Halloween games like bobbing for apples and pin the hat on the witch, or make all your treats yourself instead of buying prepackaged candy and sodas.

Have any tips of your own? Want to show off some of your Halloween costumes and decorations? Share them on the TracFone Facebook and Twitter pages!

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