Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Support Cancer Research with TracFone

This month you might see a little bit more pink than usual. Pink ribbons are the international symbol of breast cancer awareness and October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Whether it’s a friend or a family member, cancer has touched each of our lives. Supporters wear pink ribbons, pink shirts and just about anything else pink to show support to those who are fighting the disease.

TracFone is excited to play their part as well. To help raise awareness and research funds, we are partnering with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for a special offer this month. TracFone will be donating 10% of the retail price of the specially-marked pink LG306G sales to the foundation, available exclusively at Dollar General for $9.                                      

Founded in 1982 the Susan G. Komen Foundation is one of the largest breast cancer organizations in the U.S. By helping fund them, you will be contributing to the breast cancer awareness cause in several ways. Their outreach has helped lead to 70% of women over 40 having regular mammograms. This form of early detection has lead to a 34% decline in breast cancer mortality since 1990. Their work has also resulted in the government devoting $850 million in annual research, up from $30 million in 1982. All of their hard work over the last few decades means there are 3 million more breast cancer survivors in the U.S.

But the fight isn’t over. Stop by your local Dollar General or check them out online and pick up the special pink LG306G from TracFone to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the effort to find a cure .

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